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Our Mission

Be a like minded partner to innovative creative technology and design companies
with products and services that make the world a nicer place.



Experienced sales and marketing professionals in the entertainment, architectural and design industry. We have worked on projects like Clearchannel,, NuSkin, and Starwood offices; retail environments for Kenneth Cole, Michael Kors, Chanel, Kate Spade, Calvin Klein; Museum environments like the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and Discovery Museum in Charlotte; TV Studio's for Colbert Report, CNN, and NBC and sports environments such as MetLife Stadium and the US Open Tennis Center.

Souq Studio is passionate about uniquely designed products and creative technologies. We have the expertise of developing and execute business for quality designed products. We have a strong drive and passion to succeed and have the ability to adapt to changing environments. We focus on doing what we are good at and help connect products to projects and clients.